Home Care Services in Woodstock, Ontario


Home Care Services in Woodstock, Ontario

Home Star Service Inc. offers a full range of quality home health services to seniors and all residents of Woodstock, Ontario.

Our brand of In-Home Health Care is perfect for seniors and other residents of the City of Woodstock and surrounding region.

Not only do we offer senior home care services, we also offer rehabilitation care services and give occupational therapists a superior choice when it comes to home health care service providers for their clients.

If your looking to coordinate a safe and seamless transitions between one setting, like a hospital, to go to another such, as a home,  or have a service to provide temporary care after a hospitalization or surgery, or maybe even arrange for regular companionship for seniors, our full range professional home care services are available to meet the needs of Woodstock residents.

Complete Senior Home Care in Woodstock, ON

We believe in empowering seniors to live independently while ensuring they have the help and support they need to maintain their health, stay active and never feel alone.

Woodstock may not be as large as many other cities in Ontario but it boasts a growing and active elder community of over 7,000 seniors.

However, the reality is that to stay active in both body and mind and living independently can be a challenge as time goes on.

Which is why we not only focus on home health care services but also provide services that allow seniors to continue living independent lives, in the comfort of their own home, for as long as they can.

Our Comprehensive Senior Home Care Services Include;

  • Companionship Care - Provides seniors with critical personal interactions. Conversation, reminiscing, hobbies, recreation and other activities.
  • Personal Care - Personal care and hygiene including oral care, grooming, dressing and elimination monitoring.
  • Meal Preparation - For optimal hydration/nutrition we assist in meal planning, groceries and preparation. 
  • Light Housekeeping - We help maintain clean, tidy home with kitchen and bath cleanup, linen changes and laundry.
  • Exercise & Recreation -We ensure regular participation physical activities such as walking, range of motion exercises, gardening and other activities.
  • Transportation - Driving to medical appointments, visits to friends and family, and other outings.
  • Mobility - Assistance with transfers, ambulation and overall mobility. 
  • Medication Reminders - We monitor and ensure medications are taken as scheduled.

We also offer specialized services for those suffering from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or have suffered a stroke.

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