Stroke Care – Top 5 things to do after a stroke.

These five steps, different for each individual, but need to be reviewed and discussed first and foremost

Take each step as a discussion point, take 5 minutes to talk about each and what it means to them.

1. Go Easy On Yourself

2. Make Your Health a Priority

3.Safeguard Your Space

Falling after a stroke is common — and it can be dangerous. Consider safety.

4. Work With Pros

Being at home doesn’t mean you’re on your own. As you recover, you can work with a few people who can help.

5. Participate in stroke rehabilitation.

Be prepared for behaviour or mood changes

Know the risk factors for a second stroke.

Learn to say “yes.” “If friends ask you if they can help, always take them up on it,

Be patient with yourself.


After a stroke, prevention of another is key. Prevention starts with a healthy lifestyle, yet many clients lack access to knowledge and experts that can help them make the right healthy living choices.

Over 50 per cent of stroke survivors do not return to driving after their stroke, which can lead to difficulty accessing specialized care at a hospital or clinic. In addition, many recovery programs do not involve in-depth follow-ups and personalized advice.

Many individuals experience high levels of distress after a stroke or have difficulty getting their lives back to normal.

Regular communication with a dedicated case manager who keeps track of their recovery and health behaviours, regardless of how far the patient is from the nearest hospital is key to a successful recovery.

“We want to help our clients get on the path to recovery. This means helping them manage chronic disease, get enough physical activity, improve their diet and manage stress. Ultimately, we hope we can improve the quality of their lives.”