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Beyond determining the care needs of an elderly parent or loved one, is coordinating and managing how those care needs are going to be met when the family caregiver lives out of town.  Often, long-distance caregivers have families of their own, with their own careers to manage, while at the same time arranging care for their loved one that is living in another town, city, or province.


When considering how best to meet the needs of your loved one, finding the right resources and local services can be invaluable.  When looking for elder care options, turn to professionals like a Personal Health Care Professional from Home Star Service Inc.


A long-distance caregiver, trying to coordinate care of an ageing parent or loved one can be stressful, time-consuming and costly. Hiring a Personal Health Care Professional when you need help planning for care is really no different from hiring an attorney for legal needs or a CPA for preparing taxes. A Personal Health Care Professional can guide you through the often complicated maze of long-term care. From determining optimal housing to managing chronic health care issues, the expertise of a Personal Health Care Professional ensures quality care and an optimal life for clients, thus reducing worry, stress and time off of work for out of town caregivers.


For long-distance caregivers, Personal Health Care Professionals can provide ongoing supervision and communication, so often needed to avoid frequent and costly trips. They can alleviate stress through meeting individualized needs, offer information about local elder care options, monitor care and recommend adjustments as needs change, and suggest appropriate and cost-effective services.


A long-distance caregiver can try to keep their own stress levels low, from the overwhelming responsibilities of your loved ones care by:

  • Knowing what resources are available-research local services and directories using the internet
  • Being organized-having all medical and financial contacts and information in one place.
  • Seeking assistance from a professional – a Personal Health Care Professional can be the connecting bridge offering resources, options, and solutions.
  • Planning your trips – whether you are a few hours away or across the country, plan your schedule and your finances to include trips to check in on your elderly loved ones
  • Asking for help- set up conference calls, or meet with siblings, other family members, and in-town friends that can and are willing to help.
  • Take care of yourself- rest often and take a break once in a while, practice relaxation techniques. Give yourself credit, not grief, you are doing the best you can.

Beyond caregiver services, our Personal Health Care Professional services can address elder care concerns that may be especially helpful to out of town family members and busy in town professionals.


Why consider Home Star….?

Home care services that deliver what you expect, Home Star (In-Home Health Care)

Good, honest, trusted, private and reliable senior home care is needed when LHIN, formerly CCAC of London-Sarnia-Woodstock-Ingersoll, are unable to provide you or a loved one with the total hours you need to live independently. Home health care services include anything one can need to live as independently as possible within their own home.

Home care agency like Home Star Service focuses on home health care services that are tailored to you, the client.

Along with all the senior home care services we also provide a trained professional, certified, trusted PSW, (Personal Support Worker). Care at home service needs to be delivered with compassion and empathy at all times. This is why any kind of elderly home care service is so important that they always have the client, first and foremost, in mind at all times while providing care. Sometimes all a client needs is a Home Helper or some Companionship; we can provide that as well.

Home care services are needed in the communities we serve and we are very proud of our ” team of professional home care service providers” and know you will be too.

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